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2010    HOGAR ,DULCE HOGAR. .Paz Feliz  Gallery (Madrid)



2017    "Realidades diversas" en Galería Castelló 4 (Madrid)

2016    Castillo de Gmünd (Austria)

2014    CASADECOR (Madrid)

2013    Galería Modus Operandi (Madrid)                

             Casa de Vacas . Homenaje a Picasso (Madrid)

2012    Merode Castle (Germany) 

             Lycee Moliere de Brussels

2011    Marita SegoviaGallery (Madrid)                                             

2009    Paz Feliz Gallery  (Madrid)              

             Calviá City Council (Mallorca)

2008    Casa Parada Museum (Cuenca)                  

             Paz Feliz Gallery Madrid)

2007    Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera (Milán, Italia)

             Museum of Contemporary Art Casa Spínola (Azuaga, Extremadura)

2004    Galería Kreisler (Madrid)


Merode Castle (Germany)
Museum of Contemporary Art Casa Spínola (Azuaga, Extremadura)
Calviá City Council (Mallorca)


2008     Finalist work   in the XXII Painting and Photography Competition of Contemporary Art “José Antonio Sequí”
2005    Selected work in the 5th Painting Competition Jaurena Art.    
2004    Finalist work in the Painting Competition of the Valparaiso Foundation
2003    Selected work in the 4th Painting Competition Jaurena Art


Amalia Moreno lives and works in Madrid. She is BA in Arts by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She completed her final year in Milan, where she radically changed the way of expressing herself through Art.

Despite always figurative, her paintings have evolved through time, eliminating elements, volumes, even colour; geometry has began to dominate most of her paintings. The inspiration comes from her background, from the people that surround her, be them known or anonymous, and from every day life objects, which acquire additional meaning after careful observation

To carry out her work she uses paint, photos and other materials like wood with the objective of giving her art a nuance of theater. Her art would be a window through which we observe our soul and reflect about the changes that society is going through and the moment in which they are reflected.

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